Spotlight On: RetroN 2

RetroN 2 Controller Ports

Here at Afterlife, we try to give you as authentic a retro experience as possible. With that in mind, we’re building a collection full of classic cartridge games. With that said, while crashes and bugs are part of the true retro experience, we do what we can to make things run as smoothly as possible. That’s why we use RetroN 2s in our retro gaming section. Old NESs, especially the “toaster style” have dodgy connectors that are prone to failure even with proper maintenance. With the RetroN 2, a modern console that combines the NES and the SNES in 1 unit, you can just plug in the game and it works!

RetroN 2 Comparison

The console is compatible with all of the old games, and even the original controllers, giving you the same tactile feeling that you got back when the NES and the SNES were the newest and greatest things. When you sit down to play, we’ll plug in the classic controller for you (even the zapper if you want to rock some Duck Hunt), and throw the switch the selects between NES mode and SNES mode, and from there, you’re ready to start playing!